Top 9 Benefits of B2B Selling via B2B Ecommerce Solution Platforms

Whether you are just starting off, you are already selling or you are considering b2b selling, knowing the benefits of b2b selling via b2b ecommerce solution platforms is important!


How b2b businesses conduct businesses is constantly changing. A few years ago, wholesalers and distributors consider ecommerce as something that is not necessary or important and it wasn’t critical to their long-term strategy for success.

The b2b businesses today are thinking of ecommerce differently. Today, online selling has become a way of running a business, drive new customer acquisitions, and grow revenue. In other words, ecommerce is a way to differentiate from the competitors.

In this article, we are going to present you some of the greatest benefits of b2b selling via b2b ecommerce solution platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting off, you are already selling or you are considering b2b selling, knowing these benefits is very important:

    1. Size of b2b industry – The b2b ecommerce is predicted to reach $1.2 trillion in the USA by 2021.
    2. B2B’s bigger order values & higher conversion rates – The b2b can grow twice the size of b2c market as b2b orders have higher average order values and also the b2b buyers are faster when it comes to purchasing.
    3. Speed up the order realization process – Selling on the web allows b2b sellers to speed up their order realization processes.
    4. New potential buyers with more online habits – Did you know that millennials are now the ultimate buyers that b2b businesses and brands must attract?
    5. Starting to look more like B2C – B2B is turning to inbound strategies and use online websites to attract new potential buyers and grow revenue.
    6. Stay ahead of the competition – The b2b ecommerce is still growing, so if you decide to take part now, you will have a chance to put yourself ahead of the rivals.
    7. Reach new customers – With a modern and new technology, you can drive new customers to your site and have an opportunity to transform these customers into active and loyal buyers.

  1. Sell direct to consumers – Improved processes and operational efficiencies make it possible for you to sell directly to consumers. It may be necessary to invest in online merchandising and digital marketing.
  2. Improved customer experience – Adding ecommerce to your selling strategy allows b2b sellers to provide an omnichannel experience for their customers. The customers can shop across various sales channels, compare prices, find products, and submit orders.

There you go – all the benefits you need to know!


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