How to Drive Potential Retail Buyers to Your B2B Wholesale Platform

Here are 5 tips that will help you attract the attention of retail buyers and encourage them to visit your b2b wholesale platform!

So, you have decided to you a b2b wholesale platform? That is great! You have built your own online store, uploaded your products and product catalogs, you have trained your team on how to use the system, and now you are ready to sell. But, how do you attract new visitors or potential retail buyers? We have 5 tips that will help you attract the attention of retail buyers and encourage them to visit your b2b wholesale platform:

1. Build awareness among your retail buyers

There are many brands and businesses that make a huge investment in their b2b solutions, however, they don’t tell their customers anything about it. The ultimate power of b2b ecommerce solutions is serving both retail buyers and reps. But if the buyers are not aware of the platform and your online store, they can’t make use of it. It is important to email all of your potential buyers inform them about your new wholesale store and how your new store will benefit them. Business representatives should make potential buyers aware of the platform during presentations and phone conversions and show them how the store will make their lives simpler.

2. Train and educate

Another thing you can do is train your retail buyers on how to use the platform. The platform should have proper instructions, how-to videos, and an online helpdesk. During trade shows or shore visits, the representatives can demonstrate your online store to buyers and walk them through the buying process.

3. Create an experience

One of the most important factors of running a successful wholesale store is creating a positive shopping experience. This factor will motivate your buyers to come back for more. The best way to leave a great impressional and create the optimal experience is to use great photos and detailed or robust product descriptions. You can think of what you want to know before you purchase online and make sure that is included and properly presented on your product detail page. You can add high-quality photos dimensions, fabrication details, and other important details. To learn how to attract high-value B2B customers at scale, click here

4. Use it constantly

One of the most effective ways to drive retail buyers to the platform is to use it. Galleries, dedicated use of tools, and various outreach tools bring potential buyers on board. Take advantage of the email features and you will definitely drive potential buyers on to the platform. Once you have reached your buyers, and once the buyers are on the platform, the positive buyer experience should keep them coming back.

5. Motivate

You can easily drive adoption by offering a reward for usage. Rewards and discounts such as free shipping on the wholesale platform stimulate usage upon implementation and motivate buyers to go through your selection of items. It is highly recommendable to give your loyal buyers an early access to your products to motivate them to keep coming back.

Using and implementing a b2b wholesale platform solution is a great move. By making your potential buyers aware, providing them with details, educating them, and providing them with a great experience, you can guarantee they will visit your store and keep coming back.

Some of the best b2b wholesale platform solutions on the market are Contalog, Red Technology, ShopVisible, SparkPay, Nexternal, Aplicor, Netsuite, GoEcart, SAP Hybrids, InsiteSoft, Shopify Plus, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Choose one of these b2b software solutions to reach out to more number of b2b retail buyers and provide an excellent experience for them!